Endless climb is finally at end. I can breathe freely. Finally, I am here. Temple, who is allegedly touching heaven with its highest pillars, did not stay behind my expectations. This majestic building does honor the gods and is inhabited by their representatives. They, however, have to deserve their position and change every year. There is always a big brawl and only the chosen one, who picks up sacred stone, can stay close to gods. Now, Kumotori stare at me spitefully as someone, who is competition for post of .

And this struggle will be joined by all the players, who choose this massive box with title  as a new addition to their family of gaming stuff. It was created by  and , who released it with help of…

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When I first read about the upcoming game Kumo Hogosha by MORNING PLAYERS I felt that this game could be something special. The whole game, beginning with the game box and ending with the smaller game pieces, is a brilliant work of art – clever, sophisticated, elaborate and extremely well illustrated. If this review was not about playing the game, I would say that everybody would have the need to get the game, just because of the great artwork. But let us see how the game works, before I come back to this aspect.

Kumo Hogosha is a « Guardian of the Clouds », an extremely skilled man who is…

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Review Summary: The game that could even dethrone chess.

Blurb from the publisher: ‘A long time ago, the gods decided to pass Earth down to Mankind while they retreated to live in the Heavens. They erected the Cloud Temple, a theater of prestigious tournaments for the most skilled warriors. It is in this sanctuary that the champions are elevated to the rank of Kumo Hogosha, the Guardian of the Clouds.

Throughout the centuries, valiant warriors – the Kumotori – have competed against each other in the Rotating Arena of the Four Winds. This is where the infamous Stone of Balance is located, the symbolic border between two worlds.

Today it is your time to continue writing the legend, combining strength and strategy to win your duel. Climb into the Rotating Arena, master the ever-changing environment and bring the Stone of Balance into your …

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